"You might spend your whole life trying to teach your child how to be an adult…

yet they can teach you how to be a kid 

in about 30 seconds "      -Goat Quote


Kids Corner


They asked  me to make an Olaf out of pumpkins

Sometimes they like to help me make the signs that any true fan would want 

Balance Beam

Skateboard Swing

A swing I made for my niece,

(A sign for now, until she gets older)

A Pirate Ship that I built

out of old pallet wood

Tour de Fat!

Donations for school fundraiser

Ronin from the movie Epic

and Dolphin 

Some costumes I've made...

Welcome to the Kids Corner. This is where I share all the fun times with my kiddos and showcase the creations that they have inspired me (or challenged me) to make.

I'm proud to have the   experience of working with children and I love coaching and teaching them. Enjoy!

Grateful Goat Studio

finding art in everything

Costumes, Carvings,

and Crafts, Oh my!

Baymax from the

movie Big Hero 6


with Ro!

Food Sculpture