This was a custom gift I did for a local family farm using their own crops of wheat, oats, and barley. 

Colored Pencil Drawing for my Wife

Get better or stay bitter -Goat Quote

More Local Themed Plamks

I specialize in making wall decor and customized signs using repurposed materials like old windows and discarded pallets. It's a rewarding feeling when I can turn a scrap of wood or some discarded parts into something that can be new and meaningful to someone else. Every piece I make is a little different and a reflection of me because the sizes, shapes, themes and mediums used are "all over the place".

Business Logos on Pallet Wood

Reclaimed Windows with Dried Flowers

Repurposed Pallet Plank Signs

Grateful Goat Studio

finding art in everything

I love the challenge of any request...

Take a tour of my past work.  These are pieces that have all found a home in one way or another. Either given as gifts or sold online and at local venues, these are some good examples of the types of work that I do.

Check out some of the special orders and custom requests that I've made!